Vision, Mission & Objective

D.N. (P.G.) College Gulaothi is a reputed college in providing higher education quality. Many of its students educated here have become academicians, policemen, military men, sports person, scientists etc. who are glorifying the name of the institution, realizing the vision, mission, and objectives of the institution.

Vision :

Empowerment to all section of society through higher education on the basis of equity and to produce disciplined scholars and officials who have the capacity to show excellence at the global level.

Mission :

Higher education to all irrespective of any discrimination of caste, sex, religion and Socio-Economic status and to inculcate feelings of equity, sympathy, and commitment among young generation for moral and spiritual upliftment, live and let live culture and national and global peace.

Objectives :

This institution in Gualoathi (Bulandshahr) is established-

  • To provide higher education to Indian citizen irrespective of caste, creed, and religion.
  • To provide employment oriented courses in higher education.
  • To inculcate a blend of technology and culture in personality development of youth.
  • To develop an attitude of social services and patriotism.